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SwiftPoint “The Right Support – Right Way”

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To all of you who needs 24/7 online support, SwiftPoint is the simple answer or solution to your problems.

SwiftPoint services includes effective managing of large projects such as rollouts, office relocations, moves/adds/changes, printer service, and maintenance programs. Whether you have occasional service needs or have daily re-occurring needs in many locations, SwiftPoint systems can handle your requirements 24/7/365 and with little or no internal resource allocations.

And if you do need onsite support, SwiftPoint can schedule a technician to arrive the next business day – all from the same incident. SwiftPoint’s support plans cover all of your technology needs, including monthly ongoing maintenance and phone support.

The bottom line is, Swiftpoint care’s about your business.  For further information about SwiftPoint, simply click here ==> here


Total Marketing Australia Pty Ltd.

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Total Marketing Australia (TMA) is a team of marketing professionals consisting of web developers, website designers and search engine marketing (SEM) specialists.

We provide businesses with a complete long-term marketing solution focusing on delivering real results which enable you to grow your business. We will work closely with you on developing a complete marketing strategy and implement this with you, from website design, graphic design, branding, logo development and internet marketing.

Our team of website developers can design a website for your business – a website is your business’s most important marketing tool and it’s the biggest customer facing brand element you can have. As a marketing tool it communicates with your audience and generates leads for your business.

We believe in developing a strong long term working relationship with our client to create a win win situation. After all, your growth is our growth. Our ultimate objective is to exceed your expectations and be seen as your personal marketing department.

Web DevelopmentWe have the finest web developers who provide superior quality websites that delight our clients and exceed their expectations. We build dynamic and effective websites for you, taking into consideration content, visual impact, ease of navigation and download speed. We concentrate on your needs and objectives to create the perfect website for your target market by custom designing your website to suit the look and style of your business. All our websites have a built in Content Management System (CMS) so you can edit and manage your own content with no technical intervention.

Internet MarketingWe provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and AdWords, so we can guarantee that your website will attract more qualified customers and convert them to sales more frequently.

Graphic DesignCreative inspiration is paramount to us and our graphic designers are loaded with talent and rich in experience to create an original and artistic design that conveys your company’s intended message. We provide more than just eye candies, we explore the unfamiliar, push the limits to achieve attention-grabbing designs that help generate revenue for your company and create a brand presence.

Marketing Strategy – Developing an effective marketing strategy is essential to ensuring your company uses its resources wisely on the most viable opportunities, increases sales and creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

Direct MarketingA classic and strong form of marketing, direct marketing is an efficient marketing strategy if you want to connect and interact with your prospective customers. It builds a bridge between you and your customer. It does not only help establish a direct relationship with your customers but also generate awareness of your business.

How to get effective & better results for your business online?

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If you want to improve how your business works online, then there is a lot to know. To be successful, you need a good basic knowledge of a wide range of topics. But putting all that together yourself in a sensible business plan with strategies and actions that make sense can be tricky. The choices can seem overwhelming – and it’s easy to get confused and go round in circles.

Can we help you publish and sell your wisdom online?

Do you need independent unbiased Online Business advice?

Are you looking for an experienced speaker to talk online business?

That’s where I hope to help you. I’ll help you learn what you need to know. I’ll help you understand the big picture, how to think through business strategies that will make sense, and how to make action plans that will work. I’ll also help you learn how to get your staff up to speed with what they need to know to implement these plans.