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I Woke Up……

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I woke up with hope,

With the hope to start the day anew,
I’ll judge myself,
And to hope for the better,
That all dreams will come true
That no dream is unimaginable.

Love gives illusions,
Love induces insanity,
Love makes you a lunatic and psychotic,
And Love could be evil and merciless,
All the pains and sufferings,
And all the hatreds,
They are parts of humanity,
That love and life is imperfect without them,
That they make us learn and grow
To be wiser and smarter.

I once fell into the abyss
Plunging down like a bird without wings
Hitting the bottom with a loud thud,
I was devastated,
And I was in pain
I couldn’t get up,
And I couldn’t get out,
There was no light,
But only the darkness,
There was no warmth,
But only the cold breeze
Tearing my heart apart,
And I shouted for God.
I wished
I’ve never gone,
to the abyss,
Not even near,
not even close,
I wished the step was never taken,
That I wouldn’t have fallen,
That I wouldn’t end up in darkness.

A long long time after
I got up and on my feet again,
To embark on a journey,
Away from the darkness,
The journey was never meant to be easy,
But I found light again
The light shines on my face,
But it doesn’t shine in my heart.

A long long time after
I saw a beacon shining at my heart,
It seems so close,
yet so far
I’m not letting it go,
though the scar in my heart,
The beacon could be heaven
Or it could be hell,
I know it in my heart,
And I’m here to find out,
I woke up with hope
Hoping to start the day anew,
Forget about the darkness,
And dream about the perfect dream
Some say the perfect dream,
Shall remain a dream,
But I say the perfect dream
Will be my reality.

I’ve been hurt
And I’ve felt the pain,
I was in the rain,
And my night never ended,
But now I’m singing a song,
The song of a Perfect Dream


Do you know other ways on how to send money online?

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If  you do, please let me know about it immediately?  I just simply wanna know other ways or means on how to send money online?

How to send money?

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I only have a PayPal account but I don’t have yet a US Issued Debit or Credit Card.   My problem is how can I be able to send money through wire transfer using only my PayPal?

With, they have now removed this PayPal option as means to process payments in sending money.

Also, with Western Union is you need a debit or credit card in order to send money?

Would somebody please maybe could give me an idea/advise me how?