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WANTED : Marketing Manager – Customer Acquisition

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The ThinkGeek Overlords are looking for qualified candidates to manage customer acquisition efforts within the Department of Evil Schemes and Nefarious Plans (aka Marketing).  You must have previous experience in the following areas: paid search (CPC), affiliate marketing (CPA), and media relations.  Retail eCommerce Marketing experience is also a must. Past experience piloting Corellian-class battle cruisers or significant deck leadership aboard space stations often mistaken for small moons is a plus.

What You Need:

-College degree or equivalent work experience

-5+ years in online marketing experience, preferably with an organization on the IR500

-Experience directly managing people

-Experience with all major search marketing platforms (Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing), as well as secondary markets (, PriceGrabber, and etc)

-Large Affiliate program experience

-Deep understanding of media relations for online retailers

-Strong analytical and reporting skills

-An understanding of Internet & Geek Culture. An ability to Grok ThinkGeek.

-An absolute hatred of wearing suits, but a competitive drive to get high score every time you drop a quarter into the slot.

What You’ll Be Doing:

-Running a fast-growing paid search program with outside vendor support

-Building on numerous successes in media placement and nurturing tight relationships with journalists, editors, and producers

-Revamping a large, long-running affiliate marketing program

-Managing additional markets such as Amazon Seller Central and Facebook

-Expanding sponsorships and advertising to introduce more people to ThinkGeek

It should be noted that this is not a position for the typical marketing manager because ThinkGeek is not your typical retailer…

ThinkGeek is a small, close-knit group of fun, weird, and enthusiastic people who run one of the most successful niche eCommerce sites on the Internets (IR #232).  As part of Geeknet, a publicly held company, ThinkGeek employees receive an excellent benefits package while enjoying the benefits of working in an exciting start-up environment in our Fairfax, Virginia office.

Please note this posting is for a permanent, full time position in our Fairfax, Virginia office. Only local applicants or those willing to relocate will be considered.  No outsourcing or freelance positions for this job will be considered.  Thanks for asking!